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Outing is considered to be very important in the life of a teenager as well as in the life of an adult as it frees you from the chains of your stressed life and makes you feel stress free. As it sometime happens, when you have loads of your homework projects or files to complete, and you become stressed and therefore become frustrated. In conclusion, "OUTING PLAYS A VERY IMPORTANT ROLE IN OUR LIFE".

Comfortable Vacation

Malvan in the Sindhudurg district of Maharashtra is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the state with culturally authentic cuisine and the infamous Sindhudurg Fort. Tarkarli is the place where you can enjoy the thrill, beauty of the real Konkan. If you are adventurous then, back waters and Water sports like Parasailing, Dolphin safari to name a few is something you simply cannot miss.

Lastly selecting Anushrey Holiday Homes would turn out to be more apt as it in between both the places (Malvan and Tarkarli) making the travel convenient for the guests. Choose Anushrey Holiday homes as we promise to make your stay a memorable experience.

Give us a chance to serve you and we promise you that you will come back for more!

Anushrey Holiday Homes always welcome our guest with pleasure. Then why are you still waiting? Come and enjoy holiday at Anushrey Holiday Homes, Malvan.


Garde Road Wairy, Next to Abhiruchi Resort Malvan, Dist - Sindhudurg
Pin- 416606
Contact : Mrs. Shreya Shelatkar 9223346216 / 9167886357 / 9167886379 Email ID : sanjay@malvananushrey.com


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