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Welcome To Our Family Villa in Malvan

Located right in the center of Malvan, Anushrey Holiday Homes is at a distance of 1 km from the main Malvan city. You will be amazed to visit this place time and again as this beautiful small part of earth offers you this long list of attractions like Sindhudurga Fort, Scuba Diving, Chivla Beach, Rock Garden, Ganesh Mandir. Besides, you can devour the popular Malvani Mewa to experience the authentic sweets offered in the Malvan market.

We assure cleanliness and privacy. Also there is an absolute feeling of your second home.

Why choose us?

Anushrey Holiday Homes is a beautiful destination where your holidays meet history. This beautiful region nestled in the Konkan is famous for its food and beaches while the temples and churches add a hint of mystical aura. The moment you step on the cool sand of the beaches, you are sure to fall in love with this beautiful destination. Anushrey, at Malvan, welcomes you to a place which will leave you mesmerized by its beauty. We at Anushrey, offer you with furnished rooms that embrace all your requirements.

Basically Anushrey Holiday Homes is a private property. But to give people a good stay at affordable price, we started this property as a Home Stay. So actually it is not a Holiday Home, It is a Home, away from Home. We started our home stay in Malvan in year 2014. We have appointed Mrs. & Mr. Prakash Gosavi as our care taker for managing the property and taking care of our guests.

Anushrey Holiday Homes always welcome our guest with pleasure. Then why are you still waiting? Come and enjoy holiday at Anushrey Holiday Homes, Malvan.


Garde Road Wairy, Next to Abhiruchi Resort Malvan, Dist - Sindhudurg
Pin- 416606
Contact : Mrs. Shreya Shelatkar 9223346216 / 9167886357 / 9167886379 Email ID : sanjay@malvananushrey.com


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