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Sindhudurg Fort

4 km

Sindhudurg is a fort, which occupies an islet in the Arabian Sea, just off the coast of Maharashtra in western India. The fort lies on the shore of Malvan town of Sindhudurg District in the Konkan region of Maharashtra, south of Mumbai. It is a protected monument. This fort was constructed by Shri Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. Today also, we can see his foot & palm prints in the fort. The construction was done under the supervision of Hiroji Indulkar, in the year 1656. Sindhudurg fort, along with Scuba diving and snorkeling one can enjoy many other activities there.


Rock Garden

3.5 km

Rock Garden Just Behind the Malvan Police Station, half a kilometer away from the Malvan jetty near the Arase Mahal.

Malvan Rock Gardens is a beautifully manicured garden located just by the sea. Just relax and witness the beauty and awe of the sunset.

Jay Ganesh Mandir

3 km

A Malvani Man, Mr. Jayant Salgaonkar built this huge & stunning temple in 2004 as a sanctity. It sits amidst of Medha, a small ward of Malvan. Now, this temple is a great attraction for the tourists. The sanctum is internally a square & externally crowned with a graceful tower. A golden idol of Lord Ganesha is worshiped daily.

A huge courtyard provides serenity and invigorates the tourist. A carving sculptures on temple grabs the visitor’s attention.



Chivla Beach

3 km

The sheer beauty of the beach is indescribable. Visit the beach to have first hand experience of how beautiful the gift of nature is. This is a beautiful stretch of clean sand and clear waters bordering Malvan town from North West.

It is a very small beach, calm & serene. In evening laze around the beach and watch the sun go down.

Bharadi Devi Temple (Angnewadi)

15 km

At Bharadi Devi temple, a fair is organized every February when two lakh people visit the temple during the fair. It is the Awakened temple situated at Anganewadi, 10 km from Malvan. The Bharadi Devi temple is in the village of Masure.

Anganewadi is the small hamlet of Masure village. The Bharadi devi is famous for her wish-fulfilling(Navas) power. Her devotees express their wishes (Navas) before her and once the wish is fulfilled, they come again for a Darshan (visit) to express their gratitude.



Rameshwar Temple (Kandalgaon)

10 km

Before the construction of Sindhudurga fort, Shivaji visited here & prayed to Rameshwar for getting success in his newly accepted work. In the olden days, there was only a stone plaque in an open space. Shivaji constructed a dome shaped shelter over the plaque. Now, in renovation a huge temple is constructed but that dome is kept as it is. On front side of the temple, Shivaji planted a banyan tree, which is known as 'Shivajicha wad'.

Achra Beach & Rameshwar Temple (Achra)

40 km

22km north of Malvan, Easily accessible by road. This beach is an enchanter of other beaches in Sindhudurg. In magnificent geographic combination, the beautiful stretch of pristine shiny sand has given rise to equally alluring shallow blue water estuary that follows meandering course amidst 'Jamdool Island'. Estuary is paradise for swimmers, sunbathers and dolphin watchers. Dolphin season is between October and February. Cruising along it, reveals deeper charms of Achare such as viewing diverse, migrating bird species during season, indigenous birds like peacock. It is a few km ahead of Tondavali beach. There are some fishing activities around here but mostly it is a good space to chill with the sea waves.



Devbagh beach, Sangam & Crocodile Point

10 km

A meeting of the Karli River that flows into the Arabian Sea is seen at this beach. This point marks the southernmost tip of the Malvan taluka. The beach lures to the tourists by its stunning white sand and beautiful blue water lagoon, thus an idealist spot for swimming, sunbathing and pick nicking. Flock of local sea birds adds to the beauty of serene surroundings by playing with the seawaters. A hill in the backdrop offers panoramic view of Arabian Sea and lighthouse situated on the rocky island. Sunset is the peak time to watch this nature's expression. Mingles secretly with seawaters from behind Devbagh's famous Mobar Point.

Tarkarli Beach, Tsunami Island, Water Sports

10 km

Tarkarli is slowly emerging as the most sought after destination for water sports in Maharashtra amongst the beach buffs. Tsunami Island in the Karli backwaters is the hub of water sports activities in Tarkarli. S.C.U.B.A Diving and snorkeling, islands off the coast and Tarkarli coast being the most popular for dolphin watch sea rides, Tarkarli is really a haven for the ones who love to surf!



Nivati Beach

26 km

An evening walk on soft silver sand is a perfect way to end your day. This beach is nearly 26km away from Malvan. It is attached by rock structure sloping deep into the sea. Nearby is the Nivati fort, despite of being in ruins it can give an excellent photography.

Tondavali Beach

21 km

Tondavali is one of the must visit beach. If you are in Malvan, you cannot miss to watch the dolphins. This beach offers you to experience the beautiful dolphin play live and have an amazing experience. In addition you can also feel the waters of Konkan and exercise some swimming.



Ozar Caves

9 km

The Konkan region and Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj share an historic relationship. If you visit Malvan to meet history, Ozar caves is one of the places you cannot afford to let go. You will find ultimate peace in the Ozareshwar temple and your visit here would be worth it. Nearly at a distance of 1km is the famous tomb of Sri Bramhanand Swami opposite the temple.

Malvan Beach

5 km

Malvan beach is must visit beach from Malvan. If you are in Malvan, and you never visit Malvan beach then its be surprising . This beach offers you to experience the great Sindhudurg fort view from the coastal line. In addition you can also feel the waters of Konkan and exercise some swimming and watersports at the beach.



Moryacha Dhonda

5 km

Moryacha dhonda is a historical place in Malvan. Here idol of Lord Ganpati and Lord Shiva is engraved. the place has huge cultural importance since Maratha Emperor Shivaji Maharaj did a pooja and worshiped the lord idols before starting the construction of Fort Sindhudurg. This place is also must visit place from Malvan, from this place one can get amazing view of Arabain sea and Sindhudurg fort as well.

Malvan Beach Video

5 km

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